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Hair accessories now available for purchase near Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri — Kitsch Hair Ties hair accessories have now arrived at a store near you in Kansas City, Missouri. You can find accessories such as hair accessories for women, wedding hair accessories and hair supplies by visiting Find hair accessories by Kitsch Hair Ties and searching for retail outlets near you, OR by going to Shop for hair accessories online to find hair accessories conveniently on the Web. Jeremy Thurswell, Co-founder of Kitsch Hair Ties stated that “Kitsch Hair Ties products are available for purchase at a number of name-brand retail stores in the U.S. and worldwide, like Anthropologie, Free People, Nordstrom, and Shoe Inn.” Thurswell went on to say that the company’s full range of products is available for purchase through its new website.

The Beginnings of Kitsch Hair Ties

hair accessories  Kansas City, MissouriKitsch grew out of the creativity of one little girl in Wisconsin, named Cassandra, who fell in love with all things shiny and sparkly at a young age. When she was little, she often borrowed dentistry tools from her father and used them to make her own beautiful accessories and jewelry for her relatives and friends, in her room, with an assortment of scraps she found around the house. As a young woman, Cassandra attended the University of Minnesota, followed by the graduate program for design at FIDM. She used all the spare time and money she had to travel abroad, becoming familiar with ancient cultures and their arts, always seeking unique design ideas. Kitsch started out in Cassandra’s tiny apartment, inspired by her passion for design, fashion, and art from around the world. Within a few years, Kitsch expanded to become the leading accessories company it is today, manufacturing such products as fun and funky earrings, cute necklaces, charmy rings, hair ties, and headbands, among others. Today, there are more than 500 boutique stores around the world that carry Kitsch products, and they can be found on the shelves of major retailers like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Kiston, Free People, Francesca’s, Urban Outfitters, and many others. With their vibrant colors, intriguing textures, and timeless styles, Kitsch accessories are perfect for all occasions. They can be worn individually, layered, or stacked. They’re great gifts for special friends, too. You’ll never want to stop collecting Kitsch accessories.

Top Tips for Keeping Your hair Gorgeous

1. Kitsch hair ties are cute when worn on your wrist, and gentle when worn in your hair, unlike most other hair ties.

2. Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are free from parabens and sulfates. These ingredients are preservatives, and are unhealthy for your hair and body.

## Hair accessories now available in Kansas City, Missouri

3. Neon colors create an eye-catching summer look, are great for running, and are very much in style at the moment. Neon hair ties add an extra “pop” to your outfit, whether they’re around your wrist or in your hair.

4. If you tie your hair in a ponytail while it’s still damp, you may find that it holds the style for longer.

## You can now get hair accessories in Kansas City, Missouri

5. To repair split ends, use a hair treatment that contains a lot of protein, such as an avocado hair mask.Brushing your hair less often and using fewer brush strokes will help to keep you from losing hair.

BONUS TIP: The act of brushing curly hair generates frizz, so don’t brush it more than necessary.

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Kitsch Hair Ties is a manufacturer, distributor, and designer of fashion accessories, and calls Beverly Hills, California home. To contact Kitsch Hair Ties and find out more about the company, or to learn about potential opportunities for wholesale distribution of its products, you may call Jeremy Thurswell at (424) 240-5551, or you may e-mail inquiries to

Searching for hair accessories in Kansas City, Missouri? Talk to your local retailer and ask for Kitsch Hair Ties products.

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